Hello, I'm Catherine "Cat" Ping, and I'm running for the Indiana 7th Congressional District.

I am a U.S. Army veteran of 33 years and a retired Lieutenant Colonel. I have enjoyed serving my country these many long years and feel no sacrifice is too great in the duty of securing our Freedom and Rights. As a citizen and lifelong resident of Indianapolis, I feel the call to serve once again, but not as solider, but as a representative of the people.  Protecting and safeguarding our rights and freedom as a public servant, and representative, is not only a duty but a privilege.  As a Representative, I will be serving at the Will of the people for my hometown district and not the cherry picked few or with blind ambition. I want what is truly important for the lives and welfare of our communities and our families. 

The 7th District is comprised of a growing social, religious and diverse population.  As such, I feel it to be paramount more than ever that all people have their voice heard.  In these troubled times, we can no longer afford to passively watch the players on stage make decisions for us and hope they have our best interest in mind.  We need strong leaders that will stand their ground and fight for us, and that can only be done through action. When the citizenry of any nation feels they must be ever vigilant and or on guard, then it's time for a change.   

I love my country and I want to make a difference for ALL Voters!

Catherine "Cat" Ping
Indiana 7th Congressional District

Republican Nominee

General Election

November 4th, 2014

Two Tours in Washington DC

Top Secret Clearance

Small Business Owner


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Cat Ping

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Indiana 7th District



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